Blood and the 21st day of never letting go. 

Every single time, this is the outcome. And every single time I tell myself that I can handle it. Yet somehow I’m always left standing in the same spot: alone on the side of a road with no lights and no street signs. Not a human in sight. And when I look down at my chest I have to stop and catch my heart as it falls to the ground. I look at it in my hand through the darkness and I can see that it is now withered and black. Sucked dry of every last drop, my heart is the shell of what it once was. Blood no longer runs through its core to keep it warm and softly beating. Instead, it’s probably lying in the bed of your truck somewhere a million miles away. And the worst part is that you didn’t steal it from me. I gave it to you willingly, and when I saw how careless you were with it, I didn’t stop the bleeding. Now here I am, once again, with nothing to show for it. My only hope is that you’ll turn around and come back for me one more time. And I know you will, because you always do. But this time, when you finally make it back to that same spot; the only thing you’ll find there is the shell of a girl who has nothing left to give.

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