Trusting yourself

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Everyone seems to have an opinion. Something I’ve started to realize lately is that no matter what, there are people who will take any opportunity to kick you while you’re down. Sometimes those people are the closest ones to us, people we love and trust. So when they tell us who we are, we believe them.

I consider myself a very open minded person. It’s always good to see both sides, and I love to listen and try to understand different points of view. But what’s not okay, is when those opposing views are meant to make me feel small and insecure. I think that people like me assume that the rest of the world is the same way we are. I want to believe that people mean well. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing people in this world. I want to believe that most people are inherently good. But we all make mistakes and we are all selfish. There are a lot of bullies in this life, and they don’t stop being bullies when high school is over.

But I’ve begun to trust myself again. I know who I am, who I want to become. I know my worth. I won’t question my intentions or my heart for one more second of my life. Because if we can’t trust ourselves, then who can we trust? No one should ever have to feel that invalidated. So if you’re doubting yourself, then don’t. How could anyone know you better than you? It’s as simple as that. People deflect their own bullshit onto other people, and that’s not about anyone but them. You’re still you, and yours is the only opinion that matters. Trust that. It’s the best part about you.

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