Making it, part one.

If you’ve been following my story up until this point, you know that Vegas is just a stop on my journey to Los Angeles. In order to get to Los Angeles, I need one thing. Money. So I spent the last few weeks looking for a job. I decided the best route to take would be a tipped position, either serving or bartending. I wanted to be able to make a lot of money without working a ton of hours, so that I still had time to focus on my writing.

I applied to every bar or restaurant I could think of and went to multiple interviews. Finally, this afternoon, I accepted a position as a server at the bar that was my first choice. The pay is hourly plus tips and it’s part time. It’s the perfect fit. My first day is next Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Chapter 1: Part 2 of this journey.  It seems like everything is coming together. Sometimes I still can’t believe this is where I am. I really did it. I got in my car and I just left.

The best part is, I think it’s actually going to pay off. That is such an indescribable feeling. I was so afraid of the unknown, so afraid of failing. Yet, here I am making it all happen. Everything I thought I could never do, I’m doing. Will there be some roadblocks along the way? Maybe, but I think the hardest part was just taking that first step. So many times in my life, I have felt powerless. Powerless to change my circumstances and create a reality that I could stand to be a part of. What I’ve begun to realize is that I always had that power. It was just easier to make excuses.

2 thoughts on “Making it, part one.

  1. If you can learn to turn every negative into a positive, you are on the road to accepting any challenge thrown your way. Always have a smile on your face. Always feel blessed to be alive. Anything is possible when you are alive. Have fun with your journey. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂


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